Afri-Access will showcase key industry sectors looking for growth across borders and internationally. The engagement and Interaction with African and International Investors & partners will provide a business platform for funding, access to markets and mentorships that will ensure future success & sustainability for these established businesses. Afri-Access is an event that creates smart, curated encounters that will lead to long term business relationships & growth. Delivered by global leader in exhibitions RX Africa.

TARGET MARKET Integration of Unlocking Natural Resources African Trade Materials Education Construction, Utilities & Transportation ICT/ Telecoms & Internet/ Connectivity Capital Goods Services Agriculture & Agricultural Innovation Fourth Industrial Revolution based Innovation Financial Services/ Banking Sustainability & Energy Development Production & Manufacturing Healthcare & Medicine Afri-Access 2022 will focus on Agri-Access spotlighting Côte d'Ivoire and aimed at the specific sectors of agritech, tea, coffee food & beverage and Tech-Access spotlighting Rwanda aimed at the tech, cyber security, ICT infrastructure sectors. 

Mask wearing and presentation of vaccine certificates or negative COVID-19 tests are no longer mandatory to enter a venue in South Africa.  We leave these decisions to the individual attendee, but strongly encourage vulnerable people and those with underlying medical conditions to take appropriate health precautions.